Surprising News And Expectations Once Google Link Penalty Resolved

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Have you ever received messages telling that Google had detected unnatural links to your website? If not, then you are lucky, however, there are those who are excited to rank up their website in Google, and as a result, they had violated the Google guidelines.

We have known so many website owners are at the end of their wets with a combination of dreadful feeling when their site is being flagged for spammy links. The thing is, Google link penalty removal,  facebook marketing informs that there are actually two action penalties for these–the manual and algorithm, but manual penalties on some case are much easier to diagnose.

If you get notification from Google that signals for these violations which usually comes in a vague message, you need to have a thorough cleanup for all the backlinks on your websites or ask the help of some webmasters agencies to do that for you. Let us just say, that after an attempt for reconsideration request your site violation was resolved and penalties are lifted, so will Google continues to dislike your site after that?

Will your site get back to your high rank when things are okay again? Such are the concerns for those who had gone through that situation and here is some amazing news that may surprise you.

 What To Expect After Penalties Had Been Lifted From Your Website? Will Your Website Rank And Traffic Continue To Get Hurt Even After Link Penalty Is Resolved?


  • Google doesn’t hold grudges over flagged site

Your site might have been penalized once, but after your effort to clean it from spammy outbound links, Google does not hold the bad history of it. Unlike what other expect, it is not difficult to get back to high rank again once the penalties had been resolved and lifted. In the Google link penalty removal, facebook marketing attempts to educate many website owners about these things so they won’t end up devastated to the lose traffics of their site.


  • High-quality links had already passed and discounted.

Right after you get your site’s penalty removed, your website is already site from spammy links. However, you may want to file disavow but worrying if this would make your ranks drop even more. The answer is no, it won’t be affected anymore, and there are no cases recorded yet that the site’s rank decreases because of such action.

Though it is difficult to recover the burned trust between your site and Google once your site violates and get penalized by either manual or algorithm action penalty, this does not tell that it is the end and impossible to get back on the right track again. A high-ranking website could not just be neglected and abandon once it violates the Google unnatural link guidelines and rules. Hopefully, you or with the help of the webmaster things can get better again, and this article serves just a hint as to what you can expect after the worst scenario of your website.