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Most often,a company relies on its site to build a loyal customers base, to interact and communicate with them and not at least,to advertise.For site optimization on search engines are used SEO techniques which help the site to get better listed results among the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN or others, depending on user preferences.

The positioning of a site in the top of the search engines results list means more visitors,more customers and the business growth,of course. For this reason the internet is full of SEO services ads and for the same reason you therefore have to give more attention to this issue. If you have possibilities, you can hire a company that offers optimization, but I say… is not cheap at all.

With no budget, you can start an adventure to optimize your site by Do It Yourself method. Not an impossible thing, but requires time and work, and what’s more important, is no cost. So if you want to experience this method I have good news for you. You can learn and implement this SEO techniques quite easily.

It is well known that content is the core of site(content is king). For this reason, the site content has a vital role in the Do It Yourself optimization. When you are writing the content for your site must enter keywords in the text, which relates directly to your products or services. Text should be short and focused, but at the same time must be informative.

I think you already know from your own experience, that Internet users do not read the site content,word by word. They go through the text and focuses only on those parts that seems interesting.For more and more visitors, every day, you have to keep the site updated with  links and helpful articles for users.

In most cases apply the rule “the more simple the better”. Site design shouldn’t be too complicated, because can scare the visitors. Adapt the  design to target audiences. If the site audience is made up of young, be sure the design and colors are cool, youthful and attract their attention. If the target audience is more mature, you must use discrete colors and patterns and an elegant theme.

Think about every possible word or phrase that refers to your product or service. Each user is different and the words and phrases used in searches are different from user to user. Search engines offers a lot of  keywords tool that can help you find the most popular keywords for a good search engine optimization.

Another way to optimize would be Do It Yourself construction of the external links, but are also important the internal links. Offers visitors useful links to older articles. Gather all the statistical and analysis data. This data can help you keep the site in the top list of search engine results.

Vary and adapt the website content to current trends. If you find keywords that you did not used until now, do it …no longer hesitate to introduce them in your content. Be flexible when you must change the content of the site and be always ready to meet the needs of online users. With an adequate research, creativity and enough knowledge you can optimize your site for search engines and you will have promising results for your online business.