How To Prevent Google Link Penalty

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If you are a new owner of the website, you must be aware that Google has set rules and guidelines for spam links. It does not apply only if you have low-quality links that pointed to your site but Google also penalized on how you put other website links to your site. Yes, that what Google referred to as unnatural outbound links. Since inbound and outbound links are being monitored once you get flagged for spam linking the Google rank of your website can badly be affected.



It commonly happens when you let guest posting on your site. The usual practice of guest posting is acceptable to steal traffic from your website that could lead your site prone to the risk of being penalized by Google. To prevent Google link penalty removal recommend a removal of these backlinks, but often it is being ignored but to be careful is your ultimate way to avoid spam link penalty.


Here are few tips you can apply for outbound links:

  1. Distinguish where to link your site and avoid those spam and low-quality websites.
  1. You can set your content to Nofollow setting or to be wiser, don’t allow it.
  1. Unless you review that the link contained in the post is relevant, don’t allow it to be posted on your site.
  1. Reciprocating backlinks with other sites that might be irrelevant in exchange for compensation like money or services should be prevented too.
  1. Educating your website content manager so that they are informed about these Google rules and guideline helps to prevent such unfortunate events.


If you are already getting caught and flagged as one, here are few steps that can resolve these issues.


Helpful Tips To Lift Google Unnatural Link Penalty: 

  1. Manually check links embedded in each article post that may point to external sites. There are some tools like Screaming Frog that could help you evaluate and check for these outbound links on your site.
  1. Evaluate which site does not meet the Google’s rules and guidelines for backlinks and remove it.
  1. Adding tags “nofollow” to these links helps too. If there you had put this tag, the link would simply overlook and pass the PageRank.


Almost 90 percent of those sites that come up with the Google link penalty removal experts suggested that you may seek the assistance of the webmaster to resolve it as hiring one could patch the broken trust of Google to your site. They are also knowledgeable enough to bypass your site and to lift this penalty. Once done, make sure you will keep in mind to follow the Google guidelines for inbound and outbound links. We hope that this article help in resolving some Google issues you may encounter with your website and to get the full details, make sure that you had read the full-detailed of the rules set by Google for website owners, so you know how to do it right.