September 19, 2016

Why are people so interested in government jobs in India?

Compared to 20 years ago, many young people who have a college degree of Ph.D. nowadays would gladly choose a government job. But, in the past, the situation was different, young people were more enthusiastic and looked forward to working in some private company. Whether they held the IT, pharmaceutical or economy degree, they saw in the private sector a great way to make an excellent salary and benefit.

What made them change their mind?

national-emblem-of-indiaIn the recent years, many young diploma holders in India became crazy about government jobs. The reason behind that is probably the wrong misconception. They have the wrong impression that government jobs are not hard and competitive. Employers don’t have to reach the certain target; the government job provides them a lot of benefits, and they feel secure. They are willing to work for a lower salary than in private sector. But, what is the truth behind this and what are the myths and what is the reality?

Pros and cons of government jobs in India

When it comes to entry-level occupation in the government sector, it is not true that they provide the lowest salaries. On the contrary, they pay the best salaries. For example, a position for a postman or mail guard is paid up to 20,000 Rs and the level of education they require the class X or XII. Government jobs are in advantage also when it comes to other benefits, such as medical benefits or maternity leave. These facts no one can deny because they are true.

Unemployed office workers holding cardboard signs job huntingOn the other hand, this may sound appealing because the salaries at the entry level can seem very attractive. But, as the years pass, the earnings of employees in the government sector along with all benefits is much lower than if he worked in a private sector. If you have a successful worker in a private sector, in 15 years, he can move from the AVP to VP and earn much bigger salary. The same job place in government company won’t bring you a lot of benefits. The worker can only become a senior clerk or superintendent with much lower salary. What now seem a good business opportunity in 20 years will become a liability. And competent employees become too frustrated when their abilities aren’t recognized.

The myth number two people in India believe is that government jobs are less demanding. They think that they are permanent and target free. On the largest website Sarkari naukri, you can find different job post. Here you can see that government jobs are not so comfortable anymore. The government has adopted some things from the private sector, and they are finding ways to reduce non – performers. This means that employees who have sloppy working abilities can’t hold their jobs anymore.

The government is thinking now to reduce certain jobs and even to limit the number of employees in certain sectors. The government officials are even thinking to outsource some jobs to private companies. From the presented here, you can see that government jobs are no longer permanent.


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